Reverting to type prediction = true!

It seems I was unusually prescient in my statement that playing the Sims 3 would lead me down a slippery path to casual gaming, and archetypal girl gamer fodder. Thankfully I have managed to steer clear of the Imagine series until now, but I have slipped into the life-sucking vortex that is FarmVille on Facebook.

This may, hopefully, be an extension of my vicarious gardening ways in the Sims 3, but Farmville has the added addiction of XP and leveling up (sweet, sweet leveling up!), as well as the frisson of competition with your peers.

I am now a shame-faced Facebook Botherer. You know the kind, the ones who you barely see IRL but who keep spamming your request box with free hugs, drinks, flowers, cause invitations, and now – at least in my case – free f*****g Fig Trees.

This particular journey in self loathing is entirely fuelled by the social networking game mechanics at the heart of FarmVille, and like any good addict, I am looking forward to bottoming out on free-gift-giving and friendly-farm leaf-raking to get that fix of sweet, nourishing FV coinage. Only then can I make the slow recovery into the relative politeness of introspective social networking (you know, where you only read other people’s comments on your posts) where I safely belong.

In the meantime I will return to check on my quick-fix raspberries (harvest in 2 hours), my morning and evening fix of rice (harvest in 12 hours) and my long term intoxication of wheat (harvest in 4 days) while slavishly farming for XP (pun intended) and spamming all your inboxes for fun and profit. Would you like to be my neighbour?


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